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Start sharing your online store today, and you will get your starter pack in 2 – 3 days including our fab brochures to share with your friends!

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Easy online order system! Place your orders online every 3 weeks! Get social & advertise your store with the latest videos & offers

Online store open 24-7, with flexible orders, deliveries and payments


Deliver your orders and collect payment then pay Avon then pay yourself.  Avon will credit your discount on your online orders to your account! 


Avon Brochure

Simply show the brochures to friends, family, work colleagues or you may wish to have an allocated territory to build your customers from.

Collect your orders and submit them every three weeks through to AVON online or via the phone.

You receive the goods with no payment up front and deliver them to your customers.

Collect your money and pay yourself and AVON.

Avon Online Store

Advertise and share your online store link.

Customers choose you as their representative and can now shop online with you 24/7.

If they are within your specified delivery area then you can deliver the goods personally.

Customers outside of your delivery area have the option to receive their goods by courier or collect from a parcel shop.


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